Stinson 108 Voyager

stinson voyager

Standard  Data:   4 seats

Gross weight:       2400 lbs

Empty weight:      1300 lbs

Fuel capacity:      5o USG

Engine:                 165 HP Franklin

Speed :                 cruise 121 mph

Max speed:          143 mph

Stall:                      65 mph


After the war, production of civil aircraft resumed, and the 108 Voyager appeared in 1946. It was an improved four seat version of the prewar Model 10 and was powered by a 150-hp Franklin engine. Subsequently, a 165-hp powerplant was used. The final version of the Voyager was produced in late 1948; the Model 108-3 with the larger fuel tank and increased vertical tail are symbolic of the Stinson line. Piper Aircraft acquired the tooling and manufacturing rights in December 1948, and a few additional Voyagers were built before production was discontinued in 1950. Piper also produced the Stinson Station Wagon that was a light freighter version of the Voyager. By removing the two rear seats, space was made available for up to 640 pounds of cargo. The Station Wagon had a slightly lighter empty weight.