History G-DAKK

Built as Douglas C-47A-35-DL c/n 9798 42-23936 this aircraft started life as a military transporter during World War II, originally being delivered to the US Air Force in North Africa Oran with the 8th AF in 1943. By February 1944 she had been transferred to the European Theatre, in time to take part on D-Day, Arnhem, crossing of the Rhine and other major events of that period.

crew our C47 during ww2 operation Varsity

crew of our C47 during ww2 operation Varsity left to right (not confirmed) Radio operator Ferguson, (confirmed) flt Engineer Keeling, (not confirmed) co pilot Ethride and (confirmed) cpt  Hanscom


In 1946 she was demobbed and began civilian life in the Czech national airline Ceskoslovenske Aeroline as OK-WDU. Following her airline service she was transferred to the Air Research and Test Institute and then in 1958 until 1983, served in the French Navy as. Registered as F-GEOM, in 1983 this redoubtable aircraft was sold to Stellair at Nantes and later transferred to Transvallair at Caen. Between 1985 and 1993 she was registered G-OFON and operated by Classic Airways and sold in 1994 to Air Atlantique in Coventry and remained there in storage until South Coast Airways took operation of her in 1996 to 2006. In 2006 the aircraft was flown into the Lelystad and stored at aviation museum Aviodrome. When Aviodrome became bankrupt, the aircraft was transfered to Classic Wings and is now waiting for restoration by international aviation students and impassioned people under supervision of approved mechanics and or approved maintenance facilities.

work at its's finest

work at its’s finest