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Na een dagje werken is het stabilo los

Na een dagje werken is het stabilo los

August 2013;

This month we started with the disassembly of the C47 at Lelystad airport. With near tropical conditions, temperatures above 30 degrees, with a burning sun on top of the aluminum wings, we started with the loosening of 320 bolts and nuts on each side of the main wings. In the mean time we assembled an enthousiastic, yet small team. When working on this aircraft it is like being transferred back in time. Your mind travels to the early forties when the aircraft was build. When you find a lost rivet, it makes you think how long it has been there, and what it has gone through in time. The same goes for the magical repairs in the fuselage. Small, little round plates indicating the spots where bullits once went through. All in all there is a lot of history present in this aircraft. You get the same feeling when walking on the former airstrip Keent / B82. We hope to find more history when removing the interiour fittings. It is a common thing that soldiers put little notes to their loved ones behind aircraft parts. There are some C47’s flying where these notes were found recently.

On one of the next days we removed the horizontal stabilizer, which went suprisingly well. For a moment we thought we were working with a mecanobox. The removal of the vertical tail fin proved to be a bigger challenge. It took some time to get this sorted. Half of the bolts were drilled away and we managed to get the rest out with a special tool. We were already equipped with specific, special and English tools but still in need of some others. After a short telephone call with Paul Hendriks from the company Hendriks B.V., he was able to help us. The much needed tools for the renovation were donated by him. We are very thankfull for this. Another heavily stuck item was the bracket for the rudder control. This had to be removed to allow the rudder controls to be disassembled. With the proper oil, time and some patience it came loose, eventually.

September 24, 2013;

Yesterday we instructed the transport company to start arranging the permits for road transport. Disassembly of the propellers and main wings with help of a crane will happen shortly. After this the aircraft will be transported to Weeze and Teuge.

November 12, 2013;

After skillfull transport by road, the aircraft has arrived at Teuge and Weeze airports. On a few occasions during the transport there was only 5 centimeters space on the left and right.
We are now talking to the relevant aviation authorities to get the project started, so we can get the airworthiness certificate after completion of the restoration process.