Project C47 – English

G-DAKK-1In 2006 the Douglas DC3 G-DAKK flew from England to the Aviodrome aviation themepark in Lelystad, The Netherlands. First intentions were to prepare the aircraft for commercial purposes like sightseeing and incentive flights. This however never happened because of several circumstances and changing point of views (forced merging of the DDA and Aviodrome). Sadly this resulted in the G-DAKK being parked outside on the Aviodrome premises, fighting the winds and weather.

Poster3Sadly the aircraft has not been looked after that well. The engines have not been conserved, batteries were frozen, cowlings and flaps were left open allowing birds to nest in the engines. The aircraft did not enter a so called “Storage” program. The Aviodrome went into bankruptcy in november 2011, causing G-DAKK having to leave the premises. The aircraft has been moved and is now located at a place where it can be restored. The Aviodrome was not the owner of the aircraft, but borrower with the option to buy. Classic Wings will now try to get the aircraft back into an airworthy state. There are not many DC3 aircraft for sale, let alone able to fly commerically like G-DAKK. Restoring her will take a lot of time and money. Common sense will tell you not to start such a project, but “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Behind the scenes, for about a year, we have been working on ideas and a plan to realise this project. We made the decision to make it a socially involved and responsible project with the help of enthusiasts alike, supervised by professionals who don’t hide their passion for historical aviation. We will also involve (international) aviation students and former civilian and military mechanics who think it’s way to early to stop working. Contacts have already been made with corporate businesses and governments to aquire support in all possible ways to get this aircraft back in to the air and keep it there.

The aircraft is currently located at Airport Weeze, where it is thoroughly being assessed on the achievability of the whole project. After this, the project will be divided into several smaller subprojects. These subprojects will take place at different locations in The Netherlands and Germany.
Under leadership and supervision of skilled professionals and specialised companies, parts of the aircraft will be restored to the current applicable standards.
The aircraft participated in an active role during the liberation of the Netherlands. We will therefore honor the aircraft by restoring her in the original green colours, complete with black-white invasion stripes.

This is a unique project, responsible in social and historical aspects.
When the project is up and running, you will find stories coming from the people involved on the multiple subpages on this website. This will give a unique “behind the scenes view” on the progress of the project.

c47When all subprojects are finished and all parts have been put back together, it’s time for the big event; the day she takes to the skies again. She will look as is displayed on the side of this page.
We hope you support our project and keep following us. Donations are always welcome (Classic Wings-4-ever foundation), now for the restoration, but also afterwards to keep the aircraft in the air. Please contact us if you would like to participate in this unique project. Volunteers with mechanical experience or other specific qualities are always welcome to join our team. Do you see commercial possibilities for your business as a partner in our adventure? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


The G-DAKK as F-GEOM in better days, just before she entered the British aircraft register, in this stunning paint scheme.